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Pennsylvania Gray Slate Quoit Boards
  Welcome to the Quoit Factory. We handcraft gorgeous Slate Quoit Boards built to last a lifetime. Our mission is to spread the fun game of Quoits throughout the United States. Our commitment is to provide consistent quality and value to our customers. Please browse and learn more about our unique outdoor games and thank you for visiting our website.

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Slate Quoit Boards and Lightweight Tailgate Quoit Boards

Quoit Factory handcrafts each Quoit board set to exquisite detail. The beautiful Slate Quoit boards are mined from family operated American slate quarries and cut and crafted here at the factory. We invented the lightweight Tailgate Quoit Boards to act like slate but without the weight. They’re a great alternative to the heavy slate boards and even the most critical Quoit players are impressed by their performance. Take a look at our Quoit Board sets that will last generations and provide countless good times with family and friends. Made in the USA. Play Quoits!

VT Green Slate Quoit Boards Black Slate Quoit Boards with Quoits Tailgate Quoits Lightweight Boards

Rubber Quoits      Beach Quoits      Metal Quoits

The Quoit Factory sells quality rubber quoits that perform and wear correctly. Our quoits are used in all major Quoit leagues of Pennsylvania. We have built a trusted reputation throughout the years within the Quoit community for overall quality and durability of our quoits. Quoit Factory also sells Beach Rubber Quoits that is a fun game to play in the sand or at home in your backyard. Our Metal Quoits are forged in custom molds at American foundries using the best quality steel available. Pitching Steel Quoits is a fun yard game that was once more popular than horseshoe pitching in the United States sometime around the early 1900’s. Still played in certain communities today, players will build clay pits for the 3-4 lb metal quoits and pitch them from 21ft away. Metal Quoits is a difficult yet fun competitive game that will last many years. Made in the USA.

Red-Black and Burgundy / Gray Rubber Quoits Beach Quoits Brass Quoits Steel Quoits

Croquet Sets

The Quoit Factory sells gorgeous and durable handcrafted Croquet Sets. We have the largest selection of American-made Croquet sets on the Internet. Our Savannah Vintage Croquet Set product line is arguably one of the finest quality sets you’ll find on the market.

6 player Croquet Set or the rare 8 player Croquet Set with vibrant colors for the Mallets and Balls. Croquet is one of the best outdoor lawn games to play with family and friends. Browse our quality croquet sets.

Horseshoe Sets

Quoit Factory sells high quality forged Horseshoe Sets for recreational or professional play. We offer a large variety of American-made Steel Horseshoes sets.

Horseshoe pitching is a popular backyard game that thousands enjoy every year. Browse our quality horseshoes for sale and have fun pitching!

Ladder Ball

Ladder Ball is a fun lawn game played in many backyards across the country. Ladder ball also is a hit at the beach, tailgating and campgrounds. It’s been one of the most popular outdoor games on the market in recent years. This fun tossing game has also been called Ladder Toss, Hillbilly Golf and Bola Toss.

The Quoit Factory sells the “original” ladder ball game from the company that patented it, Ladder Golf. There are many cheaper knockoff versions of this game found in big box stores but this version is the highest quality Ladder Ball set on the market that is designed to last a lifetime.

Bocce Ball

The Quoit Factory sells bocce ball sets for recreational and professional play. Bocce is a fun, challenging lawn game that will provide hours of entertainment for family and friends.

Bocce was developed in Italy where it remains a popular outdoor sport today. There are other similar names of the game called Boules or otherwise known as Petanque.

Browse our quality bocce ball sets here at the Quoit Factory.

Cornhole Bag Toss Sets

Cornhole is one of the most popular outdoor games in the country. Cornhole is very similar to the classic game Bean Bags. The Quoit Factory sells several versions of the classic wood Cornhole Set and all weather Bean Bag Sets.

Quoit Factory also sells the licensed version of this fun and popular tailgating game direct from the manufacturer.

Outdoor Yard Games




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