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Steel Quoits

Pitch some fun in the sun playing Quoits!

Metal quoits originated in ancient Greece and was adopted by the Roman army, which spread the game throughout Europe and into Britain. The British in turn brought quoits into America and was the most popular outdoor game up until the 1930s. Metal quoits is the predecessor of horseshoe pitching in the United States and since the early 1900s has remained a popular game in communities of Pennsylvania and New Jersey yet relatively unknown elsewhere. Molded at an American foundry outside Philadelphia, these beautiful 3 lb Steel Quoits will bring years of fun in the sun.

- 4 (3 lb) Steel metal quoits
- A & B molded indentation
- 6 inches in diameter
- 2 hole and
- 7/8th inches high
- 2 steel pitching stakes

Package weight: 15 lbs

Price: $69.50
Price with your options:



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