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Tournament Croquet Set

This beautiful handcrafted regulation croquet set will last many years and is one of the rare American made croquet sets on the market. The Tournament Croquet Set by the Croquet Factory uses quality hard maple for the construction of the croquet mallets and mallet heads and has a smooth marine varnished finish. The thick and 37 long croquet mallets form an exceptionally strong attachment with the mallet heads, which are precision drilled for stability during hard game play.

The regulation 6-player Tournament Croquet Set comes with a varnish finish-handcrafted white pine carrying case.


6 Hard Maple Mallets
- 37 length croquet mallets with 9 by 2.5 mallet heads

6 Croquet Balls
- Black, blue, green, orange, red, yellow

9 White 13" wickets
- Heavy steel finish

2 Hand painted maple start/end stakes and 4 painted maple 13 corner posts

1 Handcrafted white pine carrying case
- Marine varnished finish with brass hardware and a thick hemp-carrying handle

Price: $375.00
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