Beach Quoits with Aluminum stakes

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Beach quoits is a classic outdoor game to play at the beach or in your backyard. Safe to play and similar to horseshoe pitching, Beach quoits can be fun and competitive and will be a sure hit at any outdoor event.

– 4 Rubber Beach Quoits (1 lb each)
– 5 ½ inches wide
– 3 inches inside hole
– ¾ height
– 2 Aluminum Stakes

How to Play:
– The 2 scoring stakes should be 18 ft apart. Slightly angle the stakes towards each other at 70 degrees.
– Ensure the stakes are secure in the sand or dirt and only the top 4 inches of the stake is showing.
– 2 or 4 players may play. Pitching alternates between players.
Beach quoits are worth 1 point closest to the stake. If both quoits of the same player is closest to the metal stake then he or she receives 2 points. A “ringer” is worth 3 points. A “leaner” is worth 1 point.
– 21 points wins the game.

– Players typically use the base of the stake to engrave a scoring zone 2ft x 2ft into the sand or dirt to help determine who’s Beach quoits are closest to the stake.

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